You and Change

You and Change

The concept of change has always been an easy one to explain to but a hard one to implement in society, because of ignorance, lack of education and blind adherence to customs and traditions. In the early days of my life, I adopted a change based on the mobilization of passion and consuming slogans. We targeted young people to convince them to engage in political work with us. It was during the university period, we were right! When we look at what was happening in our dear homeland, when we see murder and injustice reaching into our campus, nothing remains but the smell of fear that the mind and heart can distinguish. The dream of change is like a lifeline for us, even if it seems far away. It is difficult to investigate, but it remains the only thing that has not been touched by fear.

In our dreams, we disagreed, rarely agreeing to form or build a single dream. What we all shared was that we were dreaming, but we did not think about leaving each other’s dreams, and we always wanted to break the dreams of others whose dreams did not live to our standards. We did not believe in the idea of ​​letting others learn from their mistakes. We were absolutely right to fight the other side, which deludes itself with absolute truth; in the end we found ourselves in the trap of frustration, not accepting dream and reality and not seeing the truth.

The truth is that the call for change has always been what is better for equality for all groups of society, and hiding behind this ideal world. People who do not accept others who did not ride the ship of change are selfish to the core of their beliefs. Yes, it is your right to adopt what you have and the right to speak your mind but we have to believe in the importance of pluralism of dreams to build our society, and to set clear limits so that no one exceeds your dream, and you don’t exceed others on the other hand, to refrain from hurting each other, to build the diversity that comes from accepting differences smoothly and comfortably.

Before you dictate, or you have a thick mass of ideas that should or should not happen, you have to think more. Think of the fact that we are inward with those opinions, let the people do more than sitting to listen only, give them a chance to embrace, create or renew these ideas, we must see our shortcomings with an abstract eye before the emergence of society under the name of change, we have to make the change first within us, and spread it among our societies starting small on the scale of our own environment and ending with the homeland that brings us together. For girls and women I say stand up and resist against injustice and stereotype. And remember that you are the only one who will succeed in the end. To the young men I say (and I am one of them) to call on the names that have smeared our hands with unforgivable guilt, and to try to redeem the action of the words before calling for justice and equality between people. Be fair with yourself in the first place, try to get out of that barbaric mindset, it does not express any humanity or progress or civilization, but even if religion cannot explain this type of behavior, you are allowed to be sensitive, you are able to steal awareness of the moments that surround you. Try not to confuse violence with showing love, because they are the exact opposite of each other.

My dream now is to live in a society where I do not call for change, but I am the change I want to see, to learn and know more about others, women and men, when I see them as the change they want.

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