I am a Whole, Free Woman…

I am a Whole, Free Woman…

In the evening

The sound of the flute approaches sometimes

And all those around me

Yearn with thinking

I embrace my loneliness

Secretly blame my fate

As I think in circles

In this chaotic world


I am sorry

I do not allow this dance

My heart beats and your foot steps do not rhyme

I prefer

Dancing with my beautiful shadow

With lightness

Without having

Your elegant shoes

Stepping on my toes


I have the right

To tease my mirror

Whenever I want

If I want then I will put

A little bit of kohl

And If I did not, then I won’t

I am in no need for a man reminding me

How beautiful my eyes and

My scarlet lips are

I’m beautiful

Whether you say it or not;

For me, it does not make a difference


It is my right

To play the prophecy role once

And the heroic role

A thousand times

I wait for no knight

From another time

On the back of his horse

To free me

From my sad reality

Haven’t you known

I am also a Knight…

I rode horses

Since I was a child


It is my right

To wear

My velvet knight as a wedding dress

To read my vows and



To wash my own sins

Alone, like the snow

and may

the holes in the sky tell

types of punishment


Save your monotonous


How weak you seem


I prefer an honest promise

I am a whole woman

With or without this ring

Suffocated by narrow circles

And disgusts by the color of gold


I am a whole woman

Without having a round tummy

For nine months….

I love it small

Beautiful and small

That does not give birth

Except for dreams


I am

a whole and free woman

If I chose to complete my road


No lover to fill my hands with flowers

No spouse that holds my hands in sympathy

And no child that looks like me

Clings to my hand …



I like your black shirt

Let it hug the ground

To recite the verses of love secretly

And sometimes openly


Oh delicious tan

Longing, not weakness

In love, not in command

Openly not as a secret

And remember…

Always remember

I am a whole and free woman

With or without you…

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