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IRH&R statement in Solidarity with Noura Hussein’s Case

We are in the Institute for Reproductive Health and Rights have been following with great concern, the unjust situation that Noura Hussein has been subjected to. A teenager who has been forcefully married and raped, and sentenced to death after killing the man who has tried to rape her for the second time.

We question the judgment because her circumstances were not put into consideration and request that she gets a fair trial.

Noura is a victim of forced child marriage which is considered culturally justified but in fact violence against women. It is the kind of oppression that all women around the globe have fought to criminalize by the legal system. It is a violation that shapes women’s personal choices and put them under the guardianship of their male relatives.

Noura has the right to her bodily integrity and to be treated with dignity, Noura has the right to be protected from physical and emotional abuse, Noura has the right to be healed with love and caring not with a death sentence.

Noura has the right to Justice.


We stand by all our allies to give Noura the right to a fair trial that takes into a consideration the unjust situation she found herself in and consider that she has acted in self-defense.


In solidarity