Dear Zoza: Message from a SRHR-Core Training Trainee to a Friend

Dear Zoza: Message from a SRHR-Core Training Trainee to a Friend

Dear Zoza,

Last couple of months I had a training on reproductive health and rights. It was a course to explain what is RHR and what it means to address sexual health. During the training I got to know and understand my body and went through lots of interesting topics and discussions about issues that we never thought about discussing or even ask ourselves about, even in our ladies nights together.


One of the shocking things I learned during this experience and would love to share it with you is about FGM. We have been taught it’s more about being clean and taking away unwanted parts that should be taken (I’m talking about the one called the Sunni, the mild one). I also studied a number of reports saying it has nothing to do with affecting women’s desires, and linking that to the sexual desires is a myth.


I believed that story for a long time and as I know, so did you! But I realized we were ALL WRONG!


I knew the physiological aspects of this inhumane process; how it takes an important part of our sexual organ. Knowing this really changed my whole perspective about this issue. I was advocating against FGM before knowing these shocking facts, from a human rights point of view as you know; I believed no one has the right to do anything to ladies bodies.


I’m thinking if we could do something together about this matter, whether we raise awareness or start discussing this topic among our group; let us meet and discuss how we can move this forward and share more about this topic.


Best regards,


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