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Sadness is More Common than Happiness, Badness Is Stronger than Goodness

Centuries of literary efforts and religious thought have depicted human life in terms of the struggle between good and bad forces. At the metaphysical level, evil Gods are the opponents of the divine forces of creation and harmony. At the individual level, temptation and destructive instincts battle against striving for virtue, altruism, and fulfillment. Good […]

I am a Whole, Free Woman…

In the evening The sound of the flute approaches sometimes And all those around me Yearn with thinking I embrace my loneliness Secretly blame my fate As I think in circles In this chaotic world **** I am sorry I do not allow this dance My heart beats and your foot steps do not rhyme […]

You and Change

The concept of change has always been an easy one to explain to but a hard one to implement in society, because of ignorance, lack of education and blind adherence to customs and traditions. In the early days of my life, I adopted a change based on the mobilization of passion and consuming slogans. We […]

Dear Zoza: Message from a SRHR-Core Training Trainee to a Friend

A trainee wrote a letter to her friend about FGM